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Leadership changes at the AUMA

August 30, 2017

On Friday, August 25th, President Lisa Holmes shared with our members that Sue Bohaichuk is no longer with the AUMA. Sue had worked with AUMA for several years before stepping into the CEO role nearly two years ago. As many of you know, Sue has been a passionate supporter of AUMA, and provided a steady hand during a period of significant change. The Board thanks her for her dedicated service to the organization and wishes her all the best in the future.

The Board has appointed Dan Rude as Interim CEO until such time as a permanent appointment can be made. Dan is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the AUMA and has been with the organization for 14 years. Given Dan’s experience with the AUMA, including seeing it grow from an organization of 10 employees to our current state, we can anticipate that it will be business as usual. Dan has a strong leadership team supporting him, as well as a talented and capable staff, who will ensure there will be no impacts to our members or clients.

The Board will be discussing next steps for recruitment of a new CEO. As there is a municipal election coming, as well as an election of Board members as part of our annual convention, it can be expected that a new CEO won’t be appointed until a new Board is in place.

If you have questions or concerns regarding AUMA services during this time of transition, please reach out to Dan at or call 780.431.4535