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The Modernized Municipal Government Act (Bill 21) has passed

December 22, 2016

The Modernized Municipal Government Act (Bill 21) was introduced in the spring of 2016 and has now passed and will be proclaimed before the municipal election in fall 2017. When the amendments were introduced on November 22, AUMA issued a news release and a preliminary analysis based on a high-level briefing. Now that the Bill has passed, AUMA has reviewed the legislation and developed a revised analysis of amendments to Bill 21, available here.

Updates to the amendments include:

Offsite Levies

  • Community recreational centres are defined as indoor facilities (and cannot include outdoor skating rinks or spray parks, etc.). 
  • Some aspects of the Municipal Government Board’s authorities in an appeal of an offsite levy were removed.

Elected Official Training

  • Summer villages that hold their elections in summer 2017 will be held to the requirements of elected official training, even though Bill 21 will not have yet been proclaimed. 

Decision-Making Timelines for Development Permits

  • Confirmed that flexibility on decision-making timelines will exist for all cities and for other municipalities with a population greater than 15,000.

Intermunicipal Collaboration

  • Municipal Development Plans will need to be completed in two years to be consistent with Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework timing.
  • Select requirements of Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) were removed to clarify that an IDP is intended to be a strictly a planning document, and therefore the IDP will not include cost-sharing of services and infrastructure between municipalities. Cost-sharing will instead be outlined in the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework document.