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NEW MGA TOOL – Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Workbook

March 13, 2018

AUMA, in partnership with AAMDC and Alberta Municipal Affairs, is pleased to announce the release of a tool for municipalities to implement the recent changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Workbook is a tool to help municipalities work with their neighbours to adopt Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs).

The revised MGA requires all municipalities that share a common boundary to adopt ICF bylaws by April 1, 2020. Only municipalities that are part of a Grown Management Board, which develops plans that meet ICF requirements, are exempt.

This workbook is designed for elected officials, senior administrators, and facilitators/mediators to support the development of an ICF strategy and outlines a logical process for negotiation and execution. Recognizing that municipalities across Alberta are diverse in terms of their capacities, geographies, and individual circumstances, the workbook is interactive allowing readers to jump to sections most relevant to your needs. 

The workbook is housed on AUMA’s new MGA Change Management webpage, which includes word versions of the tools included in the workbook that can be individually downloaded and adapted to your municipality. 

Based on requests from members, Word versions of template policies and bylaws related to new code of conduct and public participation requirements have also been added to the webpage along pdfs of guides for municipalities on these topics.  We hope you find these resources useful as you work to implement new MGA requirements in the coming months.