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New report asks: where is the environment in Environmental Reserve?

April 10, 2018

This article is Part 2 of the Municipalities and Environmental Law Series developed as part of the Community Conserve Initiative.  Community Conserve is a forum for Alberta municipalities to identify common environment and conservation issues, then pool their resources to address them.  It is managed by the Miistakis Institute and Environmental Law Centre with the support of AUMA and RMA.

The intent of Environmental Reserve (ER) under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) is to avoid development on hazardous lands, prevent pollution, preserve natural drainage courses, and ensure access to water bodies. However, Alberta municipalities have also applied ER in ways that do benefit the environment.

The Miistakis Institute's new discussion paper, developed as part of the Community Conserve Initiative, explores the intent of Environmental Reserve as per the MGA.  The paper shows how the tool is applied across Alberta, and provides observations on how the new Conservation Reserve tool may affect the use of Environmental Reserves by municipalities.


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The Community Conserve team converts the ones with the most votes into project plans and posts them back on the site.

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