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Outcomes of 2017 Summer Mayors’ Caucuses

June 22, 2017

Thank you to the nearly 150 municipal leaders who attended the June Mayors’ Caucus according to their size of community. Okotoks was a proud host and did a fantastic job making us feel welcome.  If you attended and haven’t yet completed your evaluation, please provide your feedback online.

Session Highlights: From the President’s Report at the start of the day, to the open mic discussion at the end, each day for a particular group of members was filled with open and frank discussions on topics important to our members. 

The President’s Report included information on federal infrastructure funding, Municipal Sustainability Initiative, climate change, police funding, workplace legislation, and changes to the Municipal Government Act. During the CEO Report, members learned more on AUMA activities including what we’re doing to strengthen our member services, the Munis 101 training for elected officials to meet new provincial requirements and other MGA change management tools, and information on the opioid crisis, brownfield redevelopment, and water quantity and quality management.

The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) sessions included presentations from Village of Delburne on Day 1, Municipality of Jasper Day 2, and City of Lethbridge and City of Brooks on Day 3, on what they’ve done to make their communities more welcome and inclusive. Read more on WIC and the assessment tools in this week’s Digest.

Legalization of Marijuana and Municipal Impacts: The Caucus provided an opportunity to share the views expressed to date by municipalities about various aspects associated with legalization.  Since there has not been consensus to date on issues relating to legal age and distribution, the Caucus provided a forum for further dialogue.  Based on input from our survey and discussions at the Caucus, AUMA will be making a submission to the province, which will be posted on our website in July.  

Success in Regional Collaboration

The Modernized Municipal Government Act requires increased focus on intermunicipal collaboration. Attendees on days 1 and 2 of the Mayors’ Caucus received a presentation from the town of Nobleford, while Day 3 attendees heard presentations from the Capital Region Board and the Calgary Regional Partnership.

Changes to AUMA Resolutions Policy: The resolution process is a fundamental aspect of our member engagement and policy development. This year, AUMA is releasing an updated version of the AUMA Resolutions Policy that will clarify processes and modernize outdated provisions that are no longer workable or used in practice. For example, the updated policy will involve:

  • clarifying how to submit resolutions (method, content and format);
  • streamlining processes and criteria for extraordinary resolutions;
  • increasing scope of review of resolutions;
  • amending resolution session process to allow for amendments from the floor; and
  • clarifying participation (speaking and voting) at resolutions sessions.

These changes for 2017 are largely focused on clarifications and improving process, and do not require you to do anything different than you normally would when developing resolutions. The new resolutions policy will be included in the convention resolution handbook, which will be released in mid-September.

Building on decisions made around resolutions policies in early 2017, we looked for your input on more substantive changes that could be considered to better meet your needs and expectations. During the session, we asked three questions: 

  • When, if ever, should there be a higher threshold than 50% in order for a resolution to pass?
  • What should be AUMA’s role in providing edits or analysis and amendments to the resolutions?
  • How should resolution votes be allocated (e.g. number of votes per municipality, and whether there should be an ability for those not in attendance to vote)? Also, should each vote have the same weight, or should there be consideration to the number of citizens in the municipality?

There was a lot of great discussion on these points and we welcome you to send any input to Any key changes that are being proposed would be presented as bylaw amendments at our AGM at the 2017 convention, and would not take effect until 2018.

Mayors’ Caucus Media:

Did you know … many of the AUMA Advocacy documents, including Reports, Presentations, and Policy Papers are available on the Advocacy Services Document Library?