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Prepare your submissions for the 2018 Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence

January 31, 2018

The Honourable Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs, has announced the 2018 Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence. The 17th annual awards recognize municipal government excellence and promotes knowledge- sharing among municipalities in five categories and one award for outstanding achievement:

  • Innovation – Recognizes a leading practice embodying the first use of an idea in a municipal context in Alberta (municipalities with a population of less than 500,000).
  • Partnership – Recognizes a leading municipal practice involving consultation, coordination, and cooperation with other municipalities, jurisdictions, or organizations (municipalities with a population of less than 500,000).
  • Safe Communities – Recognizes a leading practice focused on making municipalities safer through prevention and enforcement (municipalities with a population of less than 500,000).
  • Smaller Municipalities – Recognizes the innovative practices developed by communities with less than 3,000 residents.
  • Larger Municipalities – recognizes the innovation and creativity of larger municipalities with populations of 500,000 or greater that have a substantial resource base and that can partner with departments within the municipality’s control.
  • Outstanding Achievement – Recognizes a municipality or municipal partnership that has helped to inspire action and change that has benefited local government practice in Alberta. This award, chosen by the review committee, recognizes the best submission from the other categories.

All municipalities are eligible. The submission form and additional details can be found on the Municipal Excellence Network website. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2018.