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Provincial guidelines for slo-pitch tournaments and cohorts during COVID-19 pandemic

June 26, 2020

AUMA has received clarity from Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

regarding weekend slo-pitch tournaments, which are a prolific summer tradition and revenue generator in municipalities small and large across the province. They have also provided clarity around cohorts for Stage 2 of the reopening.

Slo-pitch tournaments (Stage 2)

  • The Chief Medical Officer of Health recommends that large slo-pitch tournaments continue to be postponed.
  • However, modified slo-pitch can resume using the cohort or “mini-league” concept. Click here for guidance.
  • A cohort could involve multiple slo-pitch teams playing each other to a maximum of 50 total participants. Gameplay between teams would need to be limited to teams within the same cohort or mini-league.
    • In slo-pitch, where teams typically have about 12-15 players, no more than 3-4 teams may play each other in a mini-league.
  • A slo-pitch cohort or mini-league, once formed, should stay together throughout Stage 2. A weekend tournament format does not promote this concept, as players return home to their communities after weekend play.
  • An individual should only be a member of one sport or recreation cohort. For example, if you play slo-pitch during the week, you should not join a different cohort for weekend play.
  • Slo-pitch teams in different cohorts or mini-leagues should not play each other during Stage 2.
  • If an individual wishes to change cohorts, they should not participate in a new sports or recreation cohort activity for 14 days (this is the incubation period of the virus).
  • Cohorting teams should not travel outside of their municipality/region in Stage 2 of relaunch.

More information on cohorts

  • For both indoor and outdoor sports activities where participants are unable to always maintain two metres of distance, a sports cohort (or mini-league) should be formed. The mini-league cannot exceed 50 individuals.
  • A cohort is defined as a closed group of no more than 50 individuals who participate in the same sport or activity.
  • Members of a cohort do not need to maintain two metres between them, however, where possible, maintaining distance is still recommended.
  • Members of a cohort commit to having only close contact with each other.
  • Limiting close contact to those in a cohort decreases opportunities for being exposed to the virus. If someone within the cohort gets COVID-19, the number of people the virus can potentially spread to is lower. It is also easier to trace that person’s close contacts when cohort members are known.

Questions? Contact Alberta Biz Connect, which has resources to help businesses and non-profits affected by COVID-19 begin to reopen and resume operations safely.