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Returning Officer Nomination Notice

November 2, 2017

Please be advised the following AUMA Board positions are scheduled for election in 2017:

  • President, for a two-year term
  • Vice President, Cities up to 500,000, for a one-year term
  • Vice President, Towns, for a one-year term
  • Vice President, Villages and Summer Villages, for a one-year term
  • Two Positions for Director, Cities up to 500,000, each for a two-year term
  • Director, Towns East, for a two-year term
  • Director, Villages East, for a one-year term
  • Director, Villages South, for a two-year term
  • Director, Summer Villages, for a two-year term

Elections will take place during the AUMA Annual Convention on Friday, November 24, 2017.

The election for President will take place Friday morning followed by the election for Directors and Vice-Presidents.

The deadline for the filing of ALL nominations (President, Vice President and Directors) for the 2017 AUMA Board elections is 4:30 p.m., Thursday, November 16, 2017.  Nomination Forms and submission instructions are available on the AUMA website.  To reference the Electoral Zones, please refer to Appendix A of the Election Procedures Handbook.

Please note that all nominated candidates are asked to be at the front of the convention hall at the time of the Returning Officer’s report during the Annual General Meeting to draw for speaking order.

Chief Elected Officials and Chief Administrative Officers are requested to ensure that all council members are aware of the 2017 Nominations deadline.

For questions, please contact the Returning Officer.

Carman McNary, Q.C.
Returning Officer