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September Webinar and other tips for Creating Healthy Food Environments in Recreation Facilities

August 23, 2017

Submitted by Communities ChooseWell

Many municipalities have recognized the growing movement to make healthy food and beverage options readily available and affordable in municipal recreation centres. This, along with reducing availability of less healthy items, and promoting healthy choices in marketing and sponsorship materials helps create a culture of wellness. As recreation facilities often act as a community hub where people of all ages participate in health and wellness activities, they are an important venue to promote healthier lifestyles that includes eating well.

Some ways to create a healthier food environment include offering healthier foods in vending machines, placing less healthy options (e.g. chips, chocolate bars, sugary drinks) out of direct sight from consumers, revamping the concession menu to include a larger proportion of healthier selections (e.g. veggie cups, fresh fruit, salads, hummus & pita), and by labeling healthy items.

AUMA is hosting a free webinar on September 27, 2017 that showcases successful strategies used by recreation centres to sell and promote healthier food and beverages that can be used to support other healthy living efforts within your community.

More information about healthy food environments in recreation facilities can be found through the following resources: