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Survey results shaping resolutions refresh

March 6, 2019

A big thanks to the 84 AUMA members who responded to our 2019 Purpose of Resolutions Survey!  We are using the results of the survey to inform revisions to AUMA’s resolutions policy and process.

Survey results

The focus of the survey was on what our members see as the main purpose and value of resolutions.   Overall, respondents agreed with the all the purpose statements proposed in the survey with some statements receiving more support than others.

Respondents ranked the purpose statements as follows:

  • Influence federal and provincial polices and legislation – 93% agreed or strongly agreed
  • Influence AUMA’s priorities – 90% agreed or strongly agreed
  • Identify emerging issues – 89% agreed or strongly agreed
  • Confirm AUMA’s position on priority issues – 85% agreed or strongly agreed
  • Increase the profile of local issues – 71% agreed or strongly agreed
  • Facilitate dialogue among members on solutions to municipal issues – 67% agreed or strongly agreed


Many respondents also took the time to share their comments on resolutions.  Themes of the comments included the need for:

  • The voice of small communities to be heard
  • A better way to prioritize resolutions so AUMA can focus its time and resources on issues of most importance to municipalities.
  • Resolutions to be clearly written and well researched
  • AUMA to provide more guidance on drafting resolutions and updates on the status of resolutions.

Review the breakdown of survey results.

Next steps

AUMA is revising the resolutions process and policy based on the survey results and will release a draft resolutions policy for member feedback in early May.  

Remember May 31 Deadline

This year’s resolutions process will follow our existing policy.  The deadline to submit a resolution for AUMA’s upcoming convention is May 31, 2019.  Check out the 2019 Resolutions Guide and Template for more information.

Status of resolutions

Interested in the status of adopted resolutions? Check out AUMA’s Resolutions Library which includes information on AUMA’s advocacy and responses from the provincial and federal governments.