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Thinking of submitting a resolution for the 2020 AUMA Convention? Here’s what you need to know.

March 17, 2020

AUMA’s updated Resolutions Policy requires a resolution that is sponsored by one member-municipality’s council to be seconded by another member-municipality.

The process of conducting research, drafting a clear and concise resolution, and seeking endorsement of both the moving and seconding councils takes time, so get started right away. Check out AUMA’s 2020 Resolutions Guide and Template for guidance.

Resolutions will be classified as issues that align with AUMA’s current strategic initiatives, or as “other issues”.

 All resolutions adopted at Convention will be sent to the appropriate provincial and/or federal ministry or organization for response. The relevant AUMA standing committee will then review the response using the Prioritization and Levels of Engagement Framework included in Appendix B of the Resolutions Policy and recommend any further advocacy to AUMA's Board of Directors.

Members are encouraged to reach out to AUMA staff for assistance and/or submit resolutions early so we can ensure each resolution meets the criteria set out in our Resolutions Policy