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Tips from AUMA’s Risk Management Team: facility safety hazards and loss prevention

January 30, 2019

AMSC provides value-added facility loss control services for insured buildings valued over $500,000. The loss reports for those buildings also provide insights to Building and Fire Code as well as OHS compliance deficiencies that could be potential liability issues or facility hazards.

Several recurring liability and facility exposures identified include:


Potential outcome(s)                                       

Flammable liquids, chemicals, tanks stored in high concentrations, without venting or within proximity to heat, vibration or electrical

Create poisonous gases or substances when combined, cause a fire or explosion                                                                                                             

Leak detection systems in arenas not serviced, evacuation and warning threshold set too high

Delay in detection and evacuation in the event of an ammonia leak

Missing cover plates from electrical outlets

Allow dust and other materials to accumulate leading to a short or igniting a fire

Fire extinguishers and suppression equipment not serviced within recommended inspection and/or maintenance period

Considered the “First Line of Defense” during a fire, can delay or prevent fire suppression

Emergency lighting and fire alarm testing records unavailable or indicate past due for service

Could delay or prevent egress during an emergency

Stairs not accompanied by handrails

Possible slip, trip and fall hazard, especially during an emergency

Emergency evacuation signage and fire extinguisher signs not in place

Potential to delay emergency egress and spread of fire

AMSC offers its members complimentary online WHMIS and TDG training available to all municipal staff. It takes about one to two hours to complete online.

We offer other municipal focused, risk management and loss prevention training online via our AUMA Skill Builder website. This is a great onboarding and on-going safety training opportunity if budgets are tight, scheduling is a challenge, or training is not available in your area.

For more information on building valuations, contact AMSC at 1-866-250-6117 or