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Town of Cochrane leaders experience life with a physical impairment

September 13, 2017

Elected officials and senior managers of the Town of Cochrane now have a new appreciation for residents with mobility challenges. As part of the Town’s Social Policy commitment, Cochrane’s Equity and Inclusion Committee organized an experiential activity where members of council and the management team toured areas of the downtown and local parks using wheelchairs, strollers and walkers to understand the barriers that physically impaired residents face on a daily basis.

The activity highlighted the importance of proactive land-use design and design and maintenance of infrastructure to support the needs of all residents. Participants reported challenges crossing roads, navigating gravel and narrow sidewalks and traversing curb cuts in a safe manner. Readers can learn more about the Town’s experiential activity in this news article

AUMA applauds the Town of Cochrane for its leadership to create an inclusive community. If your municipality has a noteworthy story of local inclusion, contact us as we are always looking for examples of best practices to share with other municipalities. If your municipality wants to take steps to become more inclusive, visit our Welcoming and Inclusive Communities website or send us an email