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Update from the Legislature - Apr 28

April 27, 2021

The legislature is on a constituency break this week and will resume sitting on May 3.

In an effort to reduce barriers for anyone wanting to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, the legislature unanimously passed Bill 71 in just 28 minutes on the evening of April 21. The legislation provides every working Albertan access to up to three hours of paid, job-protected leave for each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. All employees are eligible regardless of job status or length of employment.

The province also announced that organizations affected by the April 2021 public health orders can now apply for additional relief funding through the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant program. Eligible organizations will receive a payment of up to $10,000, which follows the previous intake that provided up to $20,000. Funds can be used to:

  • Cover costs of items that help prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • Pay rent, employee wages, or replace inventory.
  • Help businesses expand their online presence or e-commerce opportunities so that they can continue to serve customers.


Spring 2021 Legislation Status (as of Tuesday, April 27)


Leave to Introduce a Bill 

Bill 49 - Labour Mobility Act (Copping)


Second Reading                                                                            

Bill 52 - Recall Act (Madu) 

Bill 62 - Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2021 (Hunter)

Bill 64 - Public Lands Amendment Act, 2021 (Nixon)

Bill 66 - Public Health Amendment Act, 2021 (Shandro)

Bill 67 - Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (Nicolaides)

Bill 68 - Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Madu)

Bill 69 - Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Nixon)

Bill 70 - COVID-19 Related Measures Act (MLA Gotfried)


Committee of the Whole 

Bill 51 - Citizen Initiative Act (Madu) 

Bill 56 - Local Measures Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (McIver)

Bill 57 - Metis Settlements Amendment Act, 2021 (Wilson)

Bill 58 - Freedom to Care Act (Aheer)

Bill 63 - Police (Street Checks and Carding) Amendment Act, 2021 (Madu)

Bill 65 - Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Shandro)


Third Reading



Awaiting Royal Assent



Received Royal Assent 

Bill 53 - Service Alberta Statutes (Virtual Meetings) Amendment Act, 2021 (Glubish)

Bill 54 - Irrigation Districts Amendment Act, 2021 (Dreeshen)

Bill 55 - College of Alberta School Superintendents Act (LaGrange)

Bill 59 - Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2021 ($) (Toews)

Bill 60 - Appropriation Act, 2021 ($) (Toews)

Bill 61 - Vital Statistics Amendment Act, 2021 (Glubish)

Bill 71 - Employment Standards (COVID-19 Vaccination Leave) Amendment Act, 2021 (Copping)

Bill 211 - Municipal Government (Firearms) Amendment Act, 2020 (Glasgo)