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Update from the Legislature - Mar 17

March 16, 2021

The legislature is set to vote on the main estimates today and then commence debate on the government’s spring legislative agenda. On March 11, Bill 56 was introduced, which implements the changes to the Local Government Fiscal Framework that were announced in Budget 2021 and increases the 911 levy from 44 cents to 95 cents, largely in line with a resolution passed at AUMA’s 2020 Convention.

The provincial government also introduced Bill 52, the Recall Act, which establishes provisions for the public to recall provincial, municipal and school board officials and Bill 51, which creates a process for citizen-initiated referenda.


Spring 2021 Legislation Status (as of Tuesday, March 16)

Leave to Introduce a Bill 

Bill 49 - Labour Mobility Act (Copping) 

Bill 58 - Freedom to Care Act (Aheer)

Bill 59 - Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2021 ($) (Toews)

Bill 60 - Appropriation Act, 2021 ($) (Toews)


Second Reading 

Bill 51 - Citizen Initiative Act (Madu) 

Bill 52 - Recall Act (Madu) 

Bill 53 - Service Alberta Statutes (Virtual Meetings) Amendment Act, 2021 (Glubish)

Bill 54 - Irrigation Districts Amendment Act, 2021 (Dreeshen) 

Bill 55 - College of Alberta School Superintendents Act (LaGrange)

Bill 56 - Local Measures Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (McIver)

Bill 57 - Metis Settlements Amendment Act, 2021 (Wilson)

Bill 211 - Municipal Government (Firearms) Amendment Act, 2020 (Glasgo)


Committee of the Whole 



Third Reading 



waiting Royal Assent 



Received Royal Assent