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Update from the Legislature - Oct 28

October 27, 2020

Motion 510 on Extended Producer Responsibility passes unanimously

The Legislature resumed last week, with several pieces of legislation being introduced, including Bill 37, Builders’ Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act. A summary of the legislation is included in this week’s Digest and may be found here.

On October 26, MLA Searle Turton’s Motion 510 on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was debated and, with a minor friendly amendment, passed unanimously. While non-binding, the motion urges “the Government to examine the feasibility of implementing measures such as extended producer responsibility that balance the environmental and economic needs of Albertans.” AUMA advocated in favour of the motion and will continue to engage with the government to have Extended Producer Responsibility adopted in Alberta.


Fall 2020 Legislation Status (as of Monday, October 26)

Leave to Introduce a Bill

Bill 39 - Child Care Licensing (Early Learning and Child Care) Amendment Act, 2020 (Schulz)


Second Reading

Bill 35 - Tax Statutes (Creating Jobs and Driving Innovation) Amendment Act, 2020 (Toews)

Bill 36 - Geothermal Resource Development Act (Savage)

Bill 37 - Builders’ Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2020 (Mr. Glubish)

Bill 38 - Justice Statutes Amendment Act, 2020 (Madu)

Bill 40 - Forests (Growing Alberta’s Forest Sector) Amendment Act, 2020 (Dreeshen)