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Update on new RCMP resources and police costing model

July 2, 2020

AUMA continues to advocate on behalf of municipalities impacted by the new police costing model unveiled in December 2019. This model will require municipalities with populations under 5,000, as well as all municipal districts and counties, to begin paying a portion of the costs of policing under the Provincial Police Service Agreement.

We’ve heard from members who want to know how new RCMP resources will be distributed and how municipalities will have a say in setting local policing priorities. We’ve also heard concerns about the timing for implementing the new police costing model and issuing invoices.

AUMA has been asking for more detailed information about how the additional funds raised through the new costing model will be used to roll out resources to communities. In June 2020, the RCMP shared a document with us that outlines the new policing resources being rolled out in 2020-21.

AUMA understands that its members expect and need to see more front-line police resources. Given that it takes time to fill and train these new resources, we expect net new resources will be coming soon. AUMA will continue to advocate for members’ input into the delivery of police service in communities.

The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General has indicated that municipalities policed by the RCMP will have a say in setting policing priorities through the Alberta Police Advisory Board. If you have input that you would like to share with the interim board members, please contact Kelly Santarossa, Senior Policy Advisor, at

AUMA shares our members’ concerns around the timeline for implementing the new police costing model. In meetings with and letters to the provincial government, AUMA has emphasized the importance of delaying the implementation of the new police costing model until 2021, due to the cumulative impacts of COVID-19 and other pressures on municipal finances. In response to our letter requesting a one-year delay of implementation, the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General stated that “[n]o decisions will be made on deferring police funding model invoicing until the COVID-19 crisis has passed and government can undertake a thorough assessment of impacts.”

Both letters, along with a spreadsheet of estimated costs for affected municipalities, are available on AUMA’s online policing hub.