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Update on Vegreville’s efforts to keep Case Processing Centre (CPC) from relocating

July 12, 2017

The Town of Vegreville continues to make progress in its challenge of the federal government decision to relocate the Vegreville CPC to Edmonton. On June 29, the Town announced the Government of Alberta and Portage College have committed resources to address several concerns the federal government identified in defense of its decision to close the Vegreville CPC. The province has offered to assist with any recruitment of staff for the CPC, while Portage College will provide necessary post-secondary training programs.  In addition, the Town has amended its land use bylaw to allow a local business owner to convert a hotel to apartments, creating more rental housing, another reason identified by the federal government for closing the CPC in Vegreville.

The relocation of the CPC from Vegreville to Edmonton would result in a loss of 280 jobs in the community, and have a far-reaching impact on the town.