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Updated Citizen Engagement toolkit now available

September 16, 2015

Citizen engagement serves an important role in building strong and vibrant communities. Building on the previously released Social Media Resource Guide, AUMA and AAMDC are excited to announce the release of the updated Citizen Engagement Toolkit (CET).

Municipalities use citizen engagement to gather input, to advise residents of decision making processes and to work with residents to meet municipal outcomes. The updated CET is a versatile resource intended to enable municipalities to support the development of effective citizen engagement practices in Alberta’s municipalities.

The CET includes the incorporation of elements identified in the Social Media resource guide and an overview of municipal engagement requirements as they relate to the Municipal Government Act. Understanding that all municipalities are unique, a detailed appendix is provided, which includes templates and worksheets to enable municipalities to adopt practices identified in the resource and incorporate them into whatever level of citizen engagement experience they are at.

In conjunction with the development of the revised Citizen Engagement Toolkit, the Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) is offering the newly redesigned course, Community Development through Citizen Engagement at the fall AUMA and AAMDC conventions. EOEP course participants will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge engagement techniques, common challenges to engagement, and how to properly evaluate and improve municipal engagement practices. This course is being offered on Tuesday, September 22 in Calgary and Monday, November 16 in Edmonton. Visit for course information and registration details.